Significantly better site speed
Screening Critical Functions
Images optimisation & compression
Basic CSS and JS cleanup
Basic Plugins Code Cleanup
Personal Handbook for your site speed
Let's Go!


Best Sitespeed
All SnabbGold activities
Full Code Cleanup & Refactoring
Remove Unused CSS and JavaScript
Caching Optimization
Database Optimization
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The best speed all the time
Our developers will work about 1,5 hours per month on your sitespeed!
Only in combination with
SnabbPlatinum or SnabbGold
Super fast Managed hosting
Monthly Monitoring and Optimisation*
Guaranteed Optimal Speed
Let's Go!
*We maintain a fair use policy for monthly monitoring and optimization. In case of changes in the website composition,
we will consult about actions to be taken with possible associated costs. Optimization after Plugin and Theme updates are within the fair use policy!

What if the optimization doesn't work?

The optimization always works. However, a 100 percent score is not always possible. In fact, in most cases, 100% is unattainable. We can estimate the speed gain, this estimate is not exact because the site speed also depends on website traffic and server usage. However, we guarantee satisfaction. 30 days money back guarantee!

Can I still edit my pages and products after optimization?

Of course! By default, a CMS is provided with a lot of redundant JavaScript and CSS. Simply put, we remove this unnecessary code. That means you can keep doing what you’ve always done with the website. However, some functions may have been turned off during optimization. If you want to use a disabled function, we will turn it on again for you.

Is there a possibility that the website will break?

Yes there is! That is why we continuously make backups during optimization. Some optimizations must be performed in a live environment. Of course we perform all possible offline optimizations offline. If your website has a large number of visitors, we can agree on a specific time during which we can implement critical optimizations, for example at night. Downtime is always minimized.

What can I do myself to speed up the website?

We have developed an email course for everyone who wants to get started with speed optimization. This course is free! We believe that every website deserves at least a basic optimization. The basis is very simple and you can already achieve a considerable speed gain with a few hours of optimization. Start the free email training now!

They led the way

Jurgen Walda
"Really fast! much better than my previous hosting and also a super fast optimization. My website is so much faster than ever before."

Jolinda Wassen
"Despite a very heavy theme (Avada in combination with Woocommerce) a much faster website. On average the conversion rate has increased by 1.86%"

Sacha Metz
"Speed optimization is something we haven’t thought about. Afterwards I can advise everyone! Your sales will improve. Currently considering the monthly optimization program"
The Netherlands

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